Monday, October 17, 2016

All moved in!

I love this pic of Buddy and his half-brother Max playing. They are so funny when they play. :)

We are in our new house! It's been a bit of a crazy week, but we are LOVING our new abode. Going from four months of RV living to being in this incredible house is something I can't even explain in words. We all have been feeling like it's not real. Elijah keeps asking if he's in a dream. Sammy told me that he feels like we're visiting friends. We have spent the past two days getting our things out of storage and unpacking. We have sooooo much left to do, but it's more than livable and we're loving it. None of us want to leave and when we have to go somewhere we get sad!

Quick update on last week's urology visit.. The dilation Elijah had done in June has done the trick so far! This is great news and something we didn't expect. We have had to cath Elijah daily (just takes a few minutes) and will continue to do that for forever if it means we can avoid another surgery.

Although this is a super exciting time for our family, it IS a big change. Elijah particularly is having a rough time adjusting to being in a different place and sleeping in a new room ALONE for the first time since he was three years old. Behavior has been really really challenging, but things will settle down once we adjust.

Elijah has a hearing check-up tomorrow with ENT and both boys have Wednesday through Friday off school. Yay for more home time! If you want to see us in the next few months, you'd best come visit because prying us away will be tough. :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Cardiology update and corn maze pics!

I could just squeeze these two cuties to pieces! Elijah has had a few rough days (ugly at times), but due to a double dose of very sad news at school we are keeping things in perspective. Last week the dad of one of Elijah's classmates died and last night the mom of one of Sammy's classmates died. That's hard for adults to process, so I can't imagine what kids must think of all of that. Sammy especially is so sensitive and takes this sort of thing to heart. We'll have to have some talks in the next days and weeks.

We checked in with Dr. G this week for E's standard six-month cardiology check-up. Everything checked out good! Function and pressures are fine. His valve is in the "mild" range for stenosis for the first time since his last OHS, but that isn't alarming. Dr. G said that when his next big growth spurt happens, we'll likely need to discuss surgery. We go back in six months! Wooo!

The weather in Minnesota has been GORGEOUS. We've been spending every morsel of time outside that we possibly can. Last weekend was one of the most perfect weekends of the entire year. After our Saturday morning routine where one boy goes to boxing class with Dan and the other comes to the club and coffee shop with me (I've been LOVING this quality time with each boy), we made our yearly fall trip to the corn maze! There have been years that we've been bundled up in boots, hats and mittens, so this was quite a nice experience. We hit all of our usual spots, but the favorite was (as always) the corn pit.

The boys love the parakeet house and Sammy thought it was so cool that a bird swooped down and landed right on top of his cute little head.

Then FOUR birds decided that Elijah's treats were best.

Both boys enjoyed the farm animal area more than ever before. It is so fun to watch them notice new and different things every time we come. Elijah was especially drawn to this cow. He kept walking back to him and just gazing deep into his eyes. There is something about him and animals. There's a connection there for sure.

I'm heading out of town for a conference tomorrow that I'm super-duper excited about. I'll be in Austin till next Tuesday and honestly, one less body in our RV for a few days is probably a good thing. Living "normal" life in there is making us all a little bit nutty. We are ready to be in a house. ALL of us are ready ready ready. I fly back home Tuesday at noon and house closing is at 4:00!

Have a great rest of your week and weekend! My next post will be written from our new abode!