Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Boy funnies!

I was tickling Sammy from his toes up to his head. As I got close to his armpits, he raised his elbows up in the air like a chicken and said SO cutely, "Are you looking for THEEEEEEESE?!?!?!" Elijah and I laughed SO HARD. We have rehashed the line a hundred times since!

Sammy is not officially a "reader," but he can read many small words and spell them, too. He has been sorting out letters and sounds and often asks me about specific sounds/words. The silent E on the ends of words has been hard for him to understand. In standard Sammy fashion, he has defied it. "WHY don't we say the E on the end of DONE?" So now, every time he says the word "done," he pronounces it DONE-eh. "Mommy, I am DONE-eh with my lunch."

After giving him a big hug, Sammy said to me, "Thank you, Lady of Confidence!"

Sammy writes his initial on EVERYTHING that is his. He does NOT want Elijah to invade on his territory. I see a huge letter S on so many things in our house!

When we leave the club, we walk through two big double doors. Elijah has started pushing them both open at the same time and saying, "Welcome to the FUTURE!"

Tonight Sammy was being super sassy, so Dan talked to him and had him sit in a time-out. Sammy does NOT like being in trouble. He told Dan: "I'm leaving this house and going to NOWHERE. I'm not gonna miss ANYONE."

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