Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Things have been so up and down with Elijah's behavior lately that I constantly feel like my head is spinning. I keep thinking of a line from Twilight (ha!) when Bella tells her moody vampire boyfriend, "Your mood swings are giving me whiplash!" We have more good times than bad, which I'm so thankful for, but the bad times are tough. I still believe that the Straterra is helping on some level, but we can't seem to figure out the right dosage. Or something. Maybe it did work and is slowly starting not to. Who knows.

With third grade quickly approaching, panic is settling in. We aren't sure about whether to start out the year with half or full days and I don't have any idea who his teacher is going to be. I don't know whether I should throw tons of information at his new teacher once we know his/her name or if we should sit back and let the year unfold.

I sat down with someone from our county today who did an assessment of our situation. Based on everything I told her, she thinks Elijah might be able to qualify for some helpful services but we won't find out for sure for a few weeks. I have been more candid recently with medical and mental health professionals about how drained we all are, how bad BAD is and how I have to completely stretch myself to near breaking point in order to accomplish "other" things (work, cooking, cleaning, etc). We thankfully have good stretches, but when we hit a rough patch I seem to forget all about those times. The bad times overshadow everything. The assessor got to see quite the "activity" this morning, complete with hitting, punching, name-calling, head-butting, screaming and endless complaining. Ugh.

We have done so much to help our oldest boy, but I feel like there's more we could do. I'm ready to do whatever else we need to do, even if it means missing out on some work or not cleaning my home. Like the assessor today said, we HAVE to help him to be more consistently functional now because as he gets older things are only going to get more complicated.

Sammy and I are waiting for Elijah now while he is in OT/PT. It is during his appointments that I get things done, so I'm off to do a bit of work! Thanks for peeking in!

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