Monday, March 14, 2016

Another great cardiology visit!

We are breathing easy tonight. PHEW! I can't even explain how relieved I feel right now. We had been thinking that maybe something was going on with Elijah's heart, but his echo today revealed NO CHANGE from his previous echo (times 10). Amazing! No heart intervention will be necessary at least for the next six months.

Our two main concerns and the reason we brought him in early were: Falling asleep at random times and heightened heart rate.

Dr. G's response to these things were that the sleep issues are related to his chronic sleep problems and NOT his heart. If it were his heart, he would no longer be able to do the things he loves to do (going to the park, waterpark, taking walks, etc). Making this differentiation was huge for us. Most likely, on the days Elijah sleeps during the day he has likely had a lousy night of sleep. He is becoming more self-aware and he is more able to let us know when his body needs rest.

The "high" heart rate and BP that other doctors freak out about is not at all a concern to Dr. G. He told us that anything from 50-150bpm and 120BP is just fine for him. This is such a relief! He knows Elijah's heart better than anyone and we trust him completely.

The relief I feel tonight is indescribable. I was secretly mentally preparing for intervention soon. I feel like we have gotten yet another free pass. It has been nearly FIVE years since his last heart intervention and that is amazing! We will take it! Thank you, Jesus, for more answered prayers and for protecting our kiddos. 

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