Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Happy belated Thanksgiving 2016! We survived hosting in our new house. We had 16 people here and everything went smoothly. The food was good, the company was great and our house was officially broken in. I forgot to mention that we also had three big dogs here. It was a full house!

I woke up the following day SO EXCITED for our traditional day-after-Thanksgiving family time. We picked up a Christmas tree the easy way this year (no tree farm), which diminished the experience a bit but gave us more time at home together. The boys have been bouncing off the walls, so excited that it's finally Christmas season.

We are constantly working on getting settled into our house, but we've been able to relax and enjoy it, too. I still ask Dan to pinch me at least once a day because I can't believe we have such a cozy perfect-for-us home. We have MUCH to be thankful for! It is crazy to think back to six or seven months ago and how much we've done and also how much has changed for us since then. Wow! We are so blessed and grateful for everything that has transpired.

Elijah gets a new behavioral aide who will be coming into our home starting tomorrow (she'll come one or two evenings/week after school). E is still loving chess and music class and Sammy is constantly creating art projects that are spread out alllllll over our house. :) The boys have a full week of school this week so we need to wrap up some dreaded homework this evening and prepare for the week ahead. Thanks for peeking in and I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!


Dogstars said...

Glad you had a great Thanksgiving! The three of us did the easy thing and went to a buffet. But there were flaming bananas for desert! And it was sooo fun to watch it being prepared. There were also, 20 linear feet of other desserts - but of course we want the EXCITING one!

hitaakademi said...

Ankara'nin en iyi kurye sirketi olan
kurye ankara hizmette
sinir tanimiyor...

The Portas said...

Flamning bananas, Christine?! Pictures, please! Happy Thanksgiving to you! xo

Christine said...

Perhaps "Flaming bananas" are better known as Bananas Foster or Bananas Flambe. In our case he cooked brown sugar, butter, bananas, and Malibu Rum. He tilted the pan so the rum dribbled into the flame and the whole thing flashed with flame. Then he put it in a crepe with whipped cream and it was FABULOUS!