Tuesday, September 5, 2017

First day of second and fifth grade!

I've been anticipating this day for a while. A new school is a big deal for our boys! Both boys seem to have been matched with really great teachers and I even got a friendly call from Elijah's new sp-ed case manager today. A meeting has already been scheduled to go over his care plan, which makes me feel relieved. Elijah and Sammy both reported having great first days! They both had a lot to say about differences they noted throughout the day. Their old school calls music-art-gym "specials" and their new school calls them "specialists." Their old school had lunch before recess and their new school has recess before lunch. It was fun listening to all of their observations.

We are within walking distance of school, so I walked them there and back home today. It's nice having that time walking with them! And no more 2 hours of driving DAILY to get them to school and back. This is a huge bonus for me! On our way out of school today we walked by lots of kids and I noticed that Elijah was getting quite a few "looks." He wears headphones when is anywhere in the vicinity of buses because the noise of the breaks drives him crazy. We don't think twice about his headphones and the kids at the old school were used to seeing him in them, but these kids didn't quite know what to think. Soon they'll both be loved, just like they were in Shakopee!

I barely knew what to do with myself today! I worked for five consecutive hours for the first time in months and I even squeezed in a non-frenzied trip to the grocery store. Success! Even though we all started going a bit mad toward the end of summer, I missed my two monkeys terribly today and was so super happy to see their smiling faces walk out of the building.

Here's to a great week, month and year filled with happiness, good behavior, good attitudes, good health and good friends!


Christy said...

I am so glad they had a great first day! I will miss running into you at school events! Also, for your memories I think you got the recess and lunch thing swapped. 😊

harada57 said...
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