Sunday, December 11, 2011

December uh-webben

We actually got out of the house and did some fun things this weekend! Dan and I attended my company's holiday party on Friday night. Sunday we took the boys to the Mall of America (or as Elijah calls it, "the mall at 'merica"). We rode on a few rides and did a little bit of Christmas shopping. We splurged and had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe.

For the first time ever, Elijah LOVED the rides! No fear, just pure enjoyment. And Sammy showed no fear, either, which didn't surprise us. Our laid back little guy.

One funny thing from the weekend quick. Sammy has started doing something funny every time Elijah is put in a time-out. He will march back to the time-out corner, stand in front of Elijah while shaking his finger at him and say, "GAH-GAH-GAH-GAH!!" Then he will march back to the living room and look at us like, "Got it taken care of, guys!" Then he will go back to Elijah and do it all over again. Thanks, Sammy. As you can guess, Elijah doesn't like that so much.

I know there are a handful of other funnies that have happened recently but I've forgotten them. I'm sure there will be more!


mina said...

I can just imagine how Elijah feels when he gets scolded by Sam! Maybe it will give him incentive to stay out of the time-out corner. Too cute!

Cecilia said...

Yap ... too cute!