Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy tears, sad tears

Here is a fun video of our crazy monkeys from recently. Elijah and Sammy have been having so much fun together! I love it! They talk to each other and play with each other and tease each other and tickle each other and tell each other knock-knock jokes and go to "the store" (the bathroom) and "Elijah's office" (the loft) together and keep each other up at night laughing. Ahhh, I thought this day would never come!

Things are pretty crazy for our little family right now. I have been working a lot and spending nights away from home. Dan is still working weekends and spending nights away from home. Elijah is busy with school and PT/OT and now ART CLASS (fun!). Next week the little boys and I will be getting on an airplane and traveling to North Carolina for a few days. Maybe I can hire someone to come pack for me and help me board the airplane while staying sane?!

While at work today, I had to escape to the restroom twice to shed just a few little tears. One time for a sad reason and another for a happy reason.

Sad first..

While I have been "away" working, I have been in close proximity to my sister Lissa's house. She and her family have graciously offered to let me stay with them occasionally so I don't have to make the long drive home after a long day of work. Today Lissa and her family had to put their dog, Lucy, to sleep. :( She was such a good, old puppy. I was very saddened by sweet Lucy's death. Here is a funny photo my niece Emma and I took of her just last week in her banana costume. :)

Good bye, sweet Lucy! You were a loved puppy!

Next, happy...

Back when Elijah was receiving early childhood care in our home, years ago, we handed over our blog address to the people giving him special care. Being the caring people that they are, they peeked at our blog to get a deeper glimpse into Elijah.

Last week I chatted with Elijah's PT at school, who was also his PT during his very early days. She shared with me that she still, after all these years, keeps up with reading our blog. It meant so much to hear that!

Then yesterday, I chatted with one of Elijah's two teachers and she told me that his PT had passed along our blog address to her (which I am so thankful for) and that she had been reading some of his history on here. Then today I received a very kind email from E's other teacher saying that she, too, read through some of it and that she planned to read through more.

Those of you who know us or who have been reading this blog for a while know that I have always said that Elijah has been so blessed in his little life. Honestly, every single person who has taught him or taken care of him or cared for him medically or otherwise has been not just great, but excellent. And now this continues with his kindergarten care. His "care team" and kindergarten teachers are beyond what we ever could have dreamt for him. They are totally on top of everything and they are in contact with us regularly and they genuinely seem to care for him. Being interested in reading through this blog?? That means so much to both Dan and me. All of those prayers I said for his kindergarten teacher have been answered. We have TWO of them and they are both amazing. That's not to mention the rest of his care team!

Those were my happy bathroom tears today. I am thankful.

I hope his wonderful teachers do not mind if I post their pictures! Here is Elijah posing with both of them on Grandparents' Day. Photo courtesy: Grandma (another wonderful person in our lives)!

I am heading to bed to say my prayers of thanks. On my list is my little Sammy. Although he has not been on the same journey as his brother, we love him just as much. He is such a sweet, sassy, snuggly little boy.

Thank you for reading!

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Cecilia said...

Sorry for the loss of Lucy!