Sunday, October 7, 2012

Corn Maze 2012

The little boys and I made our second annual trip to our local corn maze today. I have some pretty terrible memories from last year's trip, so today was totally wonderful! I was in a VERY. Very. Very bad place last year at this time. I remember struggling through major panic attacks and dizzy spells and having a very difficult time staying sane and upright (no joke). It made me appreciate our time here today even more than usual. I made certain that the boys experienced every little bit of fun that was possible! We had a wonderful day.

It's funny, Elijah can be such a difficult little person in so many areas. When we are out and about and when he is distracted by fun times, he is usually so compliant and perfect and obedient. It is always at home where we struggle.

And Sammy is in such a challenging little defiant stage right now. He hit me in the face a handful of times today when he didn't want to listen to Mama. He wants to do EVERYTHING by himself. If I suggest anything to him or try to help him do anything at all, he freaks out. "NO! Sammy DO IT!" Ugh. It is ok to receive help sometimes, my precious boy!

Elijah and Sammy have been HUGE buds lately. They have this silly nonsense language that bonds them. "Mom, listen to Sammy! He just said, DEEDABOES!" HAhahahaha! And they laugh forever. They have started playing together much more often, and after we have put them to bed they talk to each other for at least 30 minutes before falling asleep. I love it. I have been waiting for this for so long.

Elijah LOVED this little hay maze today. He ran through it about 5 times, completely tiring himself out. Sammy wasn't a huge fan, which was fine with me. Trying to keep track of two running boys, only one of whose head I could see, would have been a challenge.

Potty with Elijah is going ok. We have tried a new approach because our last one obviously was no longer effective. Now when he has an accident, we put a diaper on him and tell him that he needs to "earn" back his underpants. So far, every time he has worked for it and gone potty all by himself to get out of the diaper. The first day we tried this, Dan heard him in the bathroom saying to himself, "I'm NOT a BABY!" He opened the door and tossed the diaper out and shut the door. We will see what happens. At this point I have no expectations. We continue to do our best and hope for the best.

Could Sammy look any more unhappy to be in the corn maze?! :) He had the same face last year.

Last year's theme was space, rockets and astronauts. This year there was a giant scarecrow that the boys posed next to.

"Hug your brother, Elijah!" 

The animal tent/petting zoo was fun. Sammy was fearless when it came to feeding the animals. Elijah liked the idea of feeding animals, but would not do it (he has never liked this).

The sheep wanted Sammy's food very badly. He couldn't hand it out fast enough.

Elijah thought this llama was "so cute and tall!"

The "little tractor" was a highlight for E!

While we ate a late lunch at home today, I asked the boys what their favorite part of the corn maze was. Elijah immediately blurted out, "Feeding the birds!" He loved the parakeet house. When the first bird landed on his feeding stick, he was elated. While this was happening, Sammy was in the corner of the house, on the floor, throwing a fit because he couldn't reach the handle to the door.

Elijah even had a second bird land on his stick!

We visited the pumpkin patch on our way to the parking lot.

For some reason, the boys had it in their heads that they had to kiss the pumpkins. ?!? 

Both boys got pumpkin face paintings today, too!

Modeling the face pumpkin..

We had a great day! Thank you, God, that I am in such a better place than last year at this time!

And I have to end with Elijah's outfit choice after bath tonight. :) Have a great week, everyone! Thank you so much for checking in.


jencooper said...

I love seeing pics of those GORGEOUS boys!!

Cecilia said...

Looks like you guys had great fun!