Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Birthday photos

Today was Elijah's sixth birthday!

I think we made his day special. It was a memorable day at school, followed by a fun day at home. Dan and I feel BLESSED that we are able to focus our energy on our family so much right now.

Bed head and birthday breakfast pancakes!

This was Elijah's face for the entire day. He kept repeating, "It's my BIRTHDAY! I love this day!"

The balloons were a huge hit. Dan and I had blown them up while he was at school this morning, so when he walked in from getting off the bus he exclaimed, "BALLOONS! WOW! THANKS, MOM!!!"

No six-year-old boy's birthday is complete without an underpants birthday card, right?! Elijah and Sammy giggled over this dancing, singing card for a long time.

Thanks, Uncle Joel and Briana for the Legos!

And Waldo book!

This is the one gift Elijah actually asked for. A Stuffies! 

Thank you, Cecilia and Paul for the movies! We can't wait to watch them! (Can you tell how happy he was to open them?)

And the castle. Our "big" gift for him this year. It was a huge hit.

Especially for Dan! :)

It was a good day. Our oldest boy is six years old. We have come a long, long way, and we are so happy about where we are at.

Thank you ALL for your support and love!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Elijah!
When Joel was 6, I read Waldo to him
and played Legos with him. Enjoy them with Dad and Mom like Joel
and I did. And thank you for all
of the pictures, Megan. I love you!

Cecilia said...

Megan, you are very clever because the cupcakes are so beautiful and colorful!

Enjoy the movies!

Love and hugs xoxo