Friday, May 17, 2013

Ear update

Dan brought Elijah to see his ENT doc this week for his post-surgery follow up. He had a little bit of dried blood/gunk in his ear, so we will do ear drops for a week to hopefully loosen it up. We will head back mid-August for his next appointment. Three-ish months from that point will be his prosthesis placement surgery, which puts us at Oct-Nov.

I have been keeping E's school nurse/caregivers updated regarding his ear issues, and being the AMAZING team that they are they have formulated an Elijah Plan. To be honest, we haven't noticed that Elijah has been having much difficulty hearing. He seems to have adapted pretty darn well to having hearing in only one ear. When I ask him how his ear/hearing is feeling, he says, "It feels great! It's all better, Mom!" When this prosthesis is placed, he is going to be startled at how well he'll be able to hear!

E's "team" at school is forming a plan for the first part of next year, which made me cry happy tears as I was chatting with the nurse on the phone. We plan to have him on a 504, which assists any student with a disability (temporary or permanent). He will have an audiologist that will work with him and his first grade teacher, ensuring that he receives the best help possible to hear what is going on in the classroom. Needless to say, we are very happy about his team being so proactive. We adore his care team! They have taken such good care of our oldest boy.

That's all for now. Today was chilly and rainy, so Dan was home from work and we all had a pizza-movie night which may or may not have involved Willy Wonka. We are looking forward to the weekend! Have a great one, friends and family! Thank you for checking in!

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