Thursday, August 29, 2013

State Fair 2013

I was explaining to Elijah the other day that this is his seventh State Fair. "But Mom! I'm only six!" The very first time he was there, he was in my belly. We have been there every year since, and the boys enjoy it more every year. 

We found a Lego area this year that we hadn't seen before. 

Elijah got a huge kick out of these "giant Lego guys," and wanted to pose with each one.

We didn't get pictures of our first indulgence, our shared Papa Pup, because...well, because it didn't last long. We took turns gobbling it down, right to the stick, within just a few seconds.

Of course, the boys' favorite State Fair treat is Sweet Martha's cookies. You can tell by the happy faces!

One of the things Elijah remembered about last year's visit to the Fair was that the eyes on the cookie opened and closed "just slightly." He studied them for a while, and then did a re-enactment for me. This boy and his details!

I couldn't believe how large both boys looked this year when we put them into our stroller. It made me sad! This will be the last year they will both fit into it. I cannot imagine Elijah walking around on his own little legs for four hours, so I guess we'll need to get creative next year. My boys are growing up too quickly. :(

This was my favorite new food this year. Deep fried green olives on a stick! They were delicious! I could have eaten five sticks. No joke.

Sammy and his sweet little self just loves animals, especially cows and pigs for some reason. Lately he has been asking me if he can pleeeeeeease get a baby pig?! Um, no. But you can pet one at the Fair! He got to pet a baby pig and then this calf, too.

I don't think Elijah cared, but since his brother did it he wanted to pet him, as well!

Our yearly Oink Booth crown pic!

He found another piggy to pet.

Kinda gross if you ask me, but here is Minnesota's largest boar.

We watched the "big rides" from afar and the boys thought they looked really cool.

We got our standard order of cheese curds and Dan ran over to get some fries quick. Well, the boys and I had, oops, eaten every cheese curd morsel by the time he got back. They were too good!

Every Fair we go to, we are guaranteed at least one prize from the Midway area. I stump the age guessers every time. I won Elijah a little stuffed animal and Dan helped Sammy win one of his own.

Everyone, meet Kerry the Bear!

Elijah and I did our traditional ferris wheel ride together.

While we waited for Dan to get guacamole, the boys got out of the stroller and sneaked a few more Sweet Martha's cookies out of the back. Then it was time for some posing.

We saved the kiddy rides for last. We were all tired and HOT by this time. The boys pushed through for some last bits of fun.

Elijah remembered the whales from last year (last year he screamed his head off) and wanted to ride on them again.

Sammy wanted to ride on his own little ferris wheel, so we let him get on by himself (we were out of tickets for E). Not a good idea.

Such a sad face! :( Luckily they stopped it right away and let him off. "I did NOT like that, Mama. Too fast!"

And off we went! Leaving another State Fair behind. I found myself feeling sad last night, looking back on photos of the past few years. Will someone please tell my boys to stop growing up?


jencooper said...

Love those boys!! Such cutie pies!!

dxeechick said...

do you think E would be too big for a wagon next year? looks like such fun :)