Saturday, December 21, 2013

Out of the mouth of Sammy!

Starting literally the minute we departed for our trip, as we were being driven to the airport in a limo (so so cool!), Sammy began spouting funny lines. I typed every one of them into my phone during our trip. So here you go...quotes from our 3-1/2-year-old, funny, creative, imaginative Sammy. They will make you laugh!

We had just gotten into the limo and the boys had many questions. "Is this a bus?" "Is this a house?" Silence....then Sammy said, "When are we going to outer space?"

Two minutes later: "What if there is snow on the plane?"

Then: "My eyes are getting cold!"

Then: "Maybe we will go on a talking airplane!"

We found a playground in the airport for the boys to play in while we waited for our plane. I asked Sammy if he was going to go down the slide and he said, "That is NOT a slide! It's a drain!"

On the airplane, I sat across the aisle from Sammy. Just after take-off, he leaned over to me and said in a super cute whispery voice, "Mommy! Please do me a huge favor! Ask the pilot to get me some juice!"

Later in the flight, Sammy used the same whispery voice to say, "Daddy! I think you should wake that guy up!" as he pointed to the guy sitting in front of me.

On our way through the Orlando airport I tried to hold Sammy's hand and he said (just after taking his thumb out of his mouth), "HEY! I have a wet thumb here! I canNOT hold your hand."

Randomly, in traffic, with no obvious concerns on the road around us, Sammy said heatedly, "Daddy! Honk the horn NOW!"

We got a ride to our Villa for the first time on a golf cart. On the way there, Sammy said loudly, "Mommy, I think this cart is running out of gas!"

"I want ice burgers for breakfast tomorrow!"

"Look, there's a squirrel! Is he going to eat the owie on my knee?!"

The next morning when I got him out of bed: "Mommy! Monsters didn't take Cowwy (his beloved stuffed animal) in the middle of the night!"

After someone complimented Elijah on his glasses, Sammy said proudly, "I have sunglasses!"

On our way to one of the parks, Sammy said cooly, "Roll out the roof!" (i.e., open the sun roof!)

Getting ready to go to the waterpark: "Mommy! You have a swimsuit on your boobies!"

After we got a behind-the-scenes tour of the waterpark and we were walking past whooshing noises coming from the pipes and inner workings, Sammy said, "Nice air!"

Stopping at the edge of a sandy beach and looking at the footprints in the sand, he said, "Look! Someone's feet are broken!"

After taking a sip of milk: "I'm drinking moo juice. Also called cow coffee!"

We were in the Castle of Miracles, looking up at Elijah's star that had been placed on the ceiling. Another family walked out the door next to us. Sammy looked over as they were walking out and yelled behind them, "It's dangerous out there!"

"Mommy? I love you more than a banana and a slug!"

As we pulled out of the parking lot of Animal Kingdom: "Hang onto your helmets and lock your doors!"

As we were going through a tunnel on the little train at the Village (in a whispery voice): "Mommy? I don't think the tunnel is strong enough for Daddy!"

"I have three legs! One, two, three!" (pointing to each leg and an arm)

Dan said, "Sammy! Where is my KISS?!" Sammy: "It's GONE!"

As we were leaving Magic Kingdom, Sammy yelled to the teenage(ish) girl walking next to us, "HEY, young lady!"

After he got in trouble for using potty talk, he said to me in his hushed and whispery voice, "Mommy! I begins to punch Daddy!"

Waiting in line to park at Universal Studios, Sammy said, "This is a GREAT spot to park! Do it! Park HERE! NOW!"

"Elijah, tomorrow I'm going to have two heads!"

Sammy had been pouring loads of antibacterial soap into his hands in multiple batches and rubbing it in. Over and over. I told him he was nice and clean and that he didn't need any more. He said, "But it keeps falling into my hands!"

Sam has very sensitive eyes, especially when tired and even more so when the sun is shining in them. While we waited for Dan and Elijah to get out of the Shrek ride at Universal, Sammy rubbed his eyes and said, "Maybe sometime we should come here when the sun is not shining in my eyes!"

"It looks like a giant brown banana!" (use your imagination....heard coming from the bathroom)

"Mom! Somebody painted an M on here!" (pointing to an M&M)

In the car one day he said, "I was just taking a nap with my eyes open!"

After I explained to him that his beloved blankie needed to go into a bin at security, he held two corners out with his arms as far as they could go. "My blankie WON'T fit in the bucket if I hold it out like THIS!"

This is the ONE Elijah quote from the trip and a great one! As we were coming in for landing in cold, snowy, grey, gross Minneapolis, he said, "Coming into Freeziac with an order of MINNESOTA!"

And a few more Sammy funnies since we've been home (I can't seem to stop writing them down!):

"Turn on the water! My toothbrush is thirsty!"

Me: "Sammy, you're the cutest!"
S: "Mmm hmm! I AM!"

"Mommy? Is purple water hot?"

I called into the other room to ask Dan what he was doing and Sammy said, "He's jumping in the sea!"

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