Friday, January 22, 2016

A testimony and a punch

It's the weekend already?! This week flew by, as they all do. Dan and I started the week by terrifyingly getting up in front of our church and sharing a testimony about the miracle we experienced when Elijah's ear was healed a few years ago. I avoided speech class at all costs in high school and college, but it was strongly on my heart to stand in front of 500 people and share our story. I knew it would be good for us and I hoped that it might bless others. It felt so good to get it out! You can watch it here (we speak about 15 minutes before the end of the sermon)! The healing that occurred inside Elijah's ear can only be explained by a miracle and I promised myself I would NEVER forget that and I also promised that I would share it with others whenever appropriate.

Elijah had a rough couple of days this week, but things are a bit better today. We moved his bed from our closet back to the boys' bedroom and since then he has been sleeping later in the mornings. We are constantly adjusting and readjusting and thinking and rethinking everything. Nothing is ever static and I suppose that is a good thing. It keeps us sharp and on our toes (when we're not unsharp and exhausted)!

Sammy, oh my little Sammy. We had some doozie moments this week! I will tell one story from Monday which sums up the week for him. The boys had the day off school, so they were ITCHING to go to the club with me in the morning. As always, I told them what I expected while they were in the child rowdiness, no potty talk and no name calling. When I picked them up they let me know that each of them had broken a rule, therefore no treat from the cafe. As we walked by the cafe, Sammy said, "Well I'm going to go STEAL something then!" I said, "The police arrest people who steal!" I kept walking and heard him running toward me from behind. Just as I had the thought WHAT IS HE DOING?! he punched me as hard as he could in my back! I turned around, TOTALLY SHOCKED, and said, "Did you just PUNCH me?!?!?!?!?" We quickly got to the car and had a very quiet ride home. In our bathroom at home as I was calmly explaining to him why he was going to get spanked, he slowly poured soap into his hand. I asked what he was doing and he said, "If you spank me, I'll rub this soap all over you." THAT is how my boy thinks when things don't go his way. Instead of figuring out how to change behavior, he tries to figure out how to escape from us nasty adults. I'm sure this is partially a 5-year-old thing and partially a strong-willed thing. Whatever it is, I love him to pieces. He is smart and sweet and strong-willed and creative and such a perfectionist and I love him! Punches in the back and all!

Elijah has snowboarding tomorrow morning and then both boys are heading to Grandma's house for a fun overnight visit while Dan and I have a night to ourselves. We are all looking forward to it! Thank you for peeking in. Have a great weekend!

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