Sunday, May 22, 2016

House whirlwind

I wanted to log on and write a quick post since it has been a while and since I'm leaving town for a few days starting tomorrow morning! Dan's and my heads can most likely be seen spinning from space. We are on the downward slope in getting our house ready for selling. All of the painting has almost been done. This was a huge undertaking, but we were so blessed to receive help from two generous friends last week. One of them is a painter by profession, so he helped us reach the tall walls in our living room and spent five hours on Friday getting the downstairs looking great. Our walls look amazing! I kinda wish we'd done this long ago! When we get into a new house, I see value in painting it the way we like it right away (although the thought of that much more painting makes me cringe).

We have not had time for much else! Our goal is to be picture-ready by 5/31 or possibly a few days after that. Hopefully our house will sell QUICKLY and we can move onto new adventures!

The boys have been good. We have had mostly good days with a few bumps. I was thinking the other day that we never would have been able to do so much work on our house a year ago, as things were not nearly as predictable and calm back then. That's another shout-out to Straterra! :)

I'm heading to Washington DC for two days for a conference, so the boys are going to take care of things while I'm gone! Mondays and Tuesdays are busy days for us, so please pray for health and peace for all! I'm excited to share house pictures but I want everything to be completed first. The before/after transformations will be amazing! :)

Have a great week!

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