Friday, June 3, 2016

When it rains..

We are alive! We hit a huge milestone today as our house was put on the market. Less than an hour later, we received a request for our first showing. Wow! Now let's hope it sells quickly. Dan and I have been scheming about a gigantic adventure we want to embark on this summer, but it all depends on our house selling quickly. We shall see what the cards hold!

I have found myself saying "When it rains, it pours!" a lot lately because IT IS POURING. Not only did we get our house ready to sell. Dan's been dealing with total lunacy at work. I have been swamped with blog work and have no time to complete said work. Sammy's birthday and party are tomorrow. Next week is the boys' last week of school for the year. Soon we will be looking for a new home. And now Elijah is having a small surgery on....MONDAY MORNING. This surgery was supposed to take place on 6/21, but got moved up. It will be a quick in and out procedure but will involve him being cathed for up to a week. Please pray for us if it's on your heart! We have A LOT going on right now, some of it self-inflicted some out of our control. It's a lot. Dan and I are completely exhausted and stressed and we have at least two more weeks of total insanity ahead of us. Big changes lie in wait!

I will post photos from Sammy's birthday party tomorrow! Uhh, that is, if I remember to bring my camera. I have been more absent-minded than a 100-year-old woman lately with everything that's going on.

I haven't been writing down boy funnies at all lately and I'm regretful about that because they are constantly saying and doing funny things. I'll get back there! Have a great weekend!

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