Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Day of Tests

After Elijah's most recent urethral surgery in June, a doctor expressed that perhaps we should check into the possibility that his spinal cord has re-tethered. Since we are still dealing with potty issues AND since he occasionally experiences leg and head pain, we all agreed that it was worth exploring. And apparently cord retethering is fairly common. We set today aside for a handful of tests and although it was only the third day of school, we felt we should get it out of the way. I completely underestimated the time and energy that the day would require of us. I thought we'd be in and out in a couple hours, but we were there for seven and it felt like more. 

Elijah was presented with nitrous oxide (no sedation, thankfully) and just about had a panic attack when "the mask" made its appearance. He thought for sure that equaled surgery and our poor boy melted down. It took all the coaxing Dan and I could muster to get that mask on his face. Once the gas did its job he calmed way down as we talked non-stop about waterparks and water slides and oceans and mountains. He had to be cathed for a few hours and for a handful of different tests that checked his bladder function. We won't get full results until we visit with Dr. R, but we gathered that things seem to be mostly fine on that front, minus the fact that he has a small bladder.

The MRI at the end of the day was a bit of a fiasco. At the last minute the nurses realized that the stents/coils in Elijah's chest (put there during heart surgeries) had not been "cleared" to be near an MRI machine. I knew everything would be fine, but appreciated that they wanted to be positive before moving forward. The MRI was done on E's spine and was intended to rule out the re-tethering. The actual test was a bit stressful for Elijah, even with ear plugs AND a very cool movie that he watched through a pair of glasses. We won't get results from any of the tests for days or even weeks. We are glad to have today behind us!

As always, this boy never stops amazing me. He walks into that place not only willingly, but with a big smile on his face and a skip in his step every single time. If I were him, someone would have to sedate me or carry me in kicking and screaming. We did A LOT of sitting around today and he was so patient and his positive attitude never wavered. We had a chunk of spare time before the MRI and at this point Dan and I were feeling so proud of how patient and brave he'd been, so we brought him to the hospital gift shop and got him Beavy the Beaver. He LOVES this guy. He sat for the rest of the time and talked to him as if the beaver were truly speaking back. "Mom, Beavy didn't understand what you said. Can you repeat it, please?"

Elijah was practically begging for bed tonight he was so tired. We are all going to sleep well! Thanks for peeking in!

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