Monday, August 29, 2016

State Fair 2016, dr updates and new digs!

Elijah's tummy has not been the same since the testing we had done at Children's last week. Tummy troubles have kept him home from school Friday and today. Things were bad Friday, better Saturday and Sunday and again at 3:00 this morning he was throwing up. The doctor we saw today thought it was a virus that has worsened with sugar. Today I didn't let him have a single bit of sugar and he's been so much better. Praying for a better day and SCHOOL tomorrow!

Yesterday he seemed well enough to make our yearly State Fair trip and he did great all day (uhh...till his began digesting the greasy, sugary food). We hit all our favorite spots, plus some. Pics are below!

E had an appointment with a Genetics doctor this morning. It's one that I'd scheduled earlier in the summer at the suggestion of Dr. M, our wonderful developmental ped. We haven't seen genetics since 2009 when Elijah was two and at that point they had done extensive testing and hadn't found an underlying issue for his congenital anomalies. Dr. M thought it would be worth another visit, seven years later. Advances have been made in science and other anomalies have popped up with him since 2009. Dr. S agrees with me that there is most likely an underlying genetic reason for everything. We will do a few in-depth tests in the next couple weeks. The REALLY in-depth tests are super expensive and aren't yet covered by our insurance, but the hope is that within the next year they will be. What is the point of doing this testing, you ask? Good question! If we do find a genetic underlying cause for his congenital issues, then we would know for other things to look out for (organs to keep an eye on, for example).

One of my weaknesses happens to be falling into pits of fear and becoming totally consumed by it. There was a two-hour period of time today when I fought really hard to stay out of that pit. Elijah's vomiting has worried me and then his blood pressure at this morning's appointment was 135/90 (!!). After that he got a BAD headache that lasted nearly an hour. He gets these occasionally, but they've never been so intense or lasted so long. I wrapped my arms around my writhing boy and cried and prayed so hard for relief for him. We thought the headaches could be related to his spinal cord retethering (part of last week's testing), but those preliminary results show no retether (both good and bad news). The high blood pressure is likely because of this little tummy bug as well as some mild dehydration (conferred with Dr. G's nurse about this, just to settle my nerves).

All of these things pressed fear down hard on me today. I had a moment at Appointment #2 as I stared down at Elijah's flip-flops while he was being weighed for the second time. There was a moment of clarity when I realized: I DO NOT have to take on this worry! My job is to take care of my boy and I've definitely got that under control. There's someone else shouldering the worry and it's so easy to forget about that and become wrapped up in total fear. We go in and out of these cycles of medical worry and unexplained symptoms and in the end they stretch but also strengthen us. 

Saving the best news for last, we very quickly became home owners over the weekend! The third house we looked at was THE ONE. All four of us loved it instantly. It's spacious, sits in a quiet cul-de-sac, has a huge fenced-in yard, space for our RV, a detached building that can be used for an art/photo studio and even a POOL! We placed an offer a few hours after viewing it and a few hours after that the offer was accepted! The house is on the older side, so we are praying for a good inspection on Wednesday and then we'll be in the clear. We're super excited! We'll move in mid-October.

Thanks for peeking in!

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