Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A Letter to My Sweet Sammy

Dear Sammy,

Today isn't your birthday or any other special day. It's just a random rainy day in September and you happen to be on my mind. I visited your first grade classroom this morning and it always surprises me how excited I get when I see you. I had dropped you off at school only thirty minutes before, yet seeing your sweet self reading a book on the carpet was the highlight of my morning.

I always tell you how lucky I feel to be your mom and the other day when I said that, you replied in a typical thoughtful Sammy way: "If someone else was my mom, would you be jealous?" I totally would. I know I'm partial because I am your mom, but I'm grateful that I get to be around you so much because it's just so nice. Not only are you deliciously cute, you are also thoughtful, considerate, kind, complimentary, sweet, creative, clever, funny, witty, smart and snuggly.

Sometimes you will use a word that is well beyond your years or you will say something so thoughtful that I can hardly believe it just came out of your mouth. A few days ago you asked me to solve the math problem 1+1. When I said "two," you said, "Nope! The answer is Jesus, know why? Because Jesus is always the answer." Then last night you began worrying about tornadoes because this is something you worry about a lot (proof that you're my son). You asked me if there were a tornado nearby, would you be able to grab a few favorite things before finding safety? Then you said, "No, never mind. I won't need to grab anything because Jesus is all I'll need." I love that these truths are in the forefront of your mind and that they comfort you.

I want you to know what a gift you are, Sammy. Not just to me, your lucky mama, but to so many people. You are a good son, brother, student, grandson, friend, cousin and nephew. You light up everyone's life with your thoughtful words, cute lisp and generous snuggles. You complete your brother, just as he completes you. You and Elijah complement each other in such a special and unique way. Even teachers at school notice it. Yes, you have your daily "brotherly" moments, but I absolutely love the bond the two of you share. It is precious, rare and so wonderful.

I know you sense that sometimes Elijah needs extra attention from Daddy and me. Instead of getting upset about this, you help us out. There are times when you offer help and there are times when just being a good boy is the most helpful thing. I notice your patience and grace and I want to make sure you know that we see that.

For your entire life, you've been coming along to your brother's various appointments and therapies and you've never complained about sitting in another waiting room or taking another ride in the car. I think you've always known deep down that this is just how things are meant to be for our family. I want you to know that you are just as important as anyone else, Sammy. Elijah needs things that you don't, but you also need different things that he doesn't.

You are LOVED. Jesus loves you so much, Sammy. Daddy, Elijah and I adore you and you are Buddy's favorite pack-mate. You are a gem of a little boy and it's so much fun watching you grow into the person God has in mind for Sammy. I love you, sweet boy!

Love, Mom

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