Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pretty sunsets, needle-induced tears and large stuffed animals

Did I tell you that I have a new photo assistant? He's a super hard worker, he has a great creative eye and he can easily make people laugh. His name is Sammy! I brought him with me to a photo shoot last weekend because he was wanting to earn some money (this boy is so responsible with money). He took his job seriously and worked hard. He's super awesome on the other side of the camera, as well!

We have been staying at a new campground this week and it's been an experience. It's beautiful when you look past the other RV-homes! We've seen some beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Buddy has been nutty since his surgery a few weeks ago. I've threatened to give him away a handful of times, which always results in the boys begging me to change my mind. We love our dog, we love our dog, we love our dog.....

On Tuesday I brought Elijah to Children's for a blood draw (ordered by his new Genetics doctor) to take a more thorough look at his genes and possible resulting genetic disorders. This is something we've done before but detections can be made that weren't possible waaaaay back in 2008. E hasn't had a blood draw in a while, so I didn't know how it would go. He was anxious leading up to it, but super brave through it. I saw the needle go in and the nurse began digging for the vein. I know how this feels. It's awful! Elijah began BEGGING her to please take it out, please stop hurting me, as tears streamed down his face. All I could do was hold his shoulders tightly, tuck my head behind his back, pray and of course cry. It was minor in the grand scheme of pains he has endured, but it was awful. Maybe because he's been through so much, I could barely handle it. He bounced right off the lab bench and smiled after the band-aid had been placed on his arm, but my tears wouldn't stop. I cried all the way to the elevator, through the hospital, to the parking lot and halfway back home. Elijah kept reminding me that he was fine, that sweet boy. Oh, I also cried through the entire trip to the hospital gift shop (which I partially blocked out), where I purchased two large and expensive pillow pets for E and S. Watching my boy endure pain = new stuffed animals! :)

I will be curious about these results. There is apparently more thorough testing that can be done, but our insurance won't cover it at this point. Hopefully soon!

Monday is Elijah's 6-month heart check-up with Dr. G. We always approach this appointment with trepidation, as we never know what to expect. We've had a good streak, so I'm hoping it'll continue!

We head back to Dan's parents' house tomorrow until we close on our house. We are all super excited and so ready to have a home larger than 200 square feet. We are ITCHING to get in and get settled.

Thanks for peeking in!

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