Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Back home

This photo makes me laugh. Dan caught the glasses-grab mid-swipe! You can use your imagination about what string of words followed this moment.

I got home from my little Denver trip yesterday morning, and within 3 minutes I realized what a total freak I am. I have been so good at taking care of our house lately that the first things I noticed upon entering were the things that weren't EXACTLY how I would have left them. So I started frantically cleaning. Once I realized how ridiculous I was being, I stopped myself and looked around. Dan had cleaned things up quite nicely! I'm such a freak! I made myself stop.

Jess and and I had a fun time in Denver. We spent a ton of time walking around and exploring the downtown area of the city. We also did a lot of eating, and had some extremely delicious meals. We somehow got upgraded to a suite for the price of a standard room, so this is what the living room portion looked like!

We had to stop and get a photo with the over-sized cow. It was super windy the first two days we were there.

We both loved the Denver Art Museum! The city was filled with great art.

We even made it up to Boulder for a day to explore outside of Denver. It was gorgeous! I love the mountains.

It was very nice to get away for a few days, but I was so insanely excited to come home and see my monkeys. It seems as though things carried on just fine while I was away. Sammy didn't even give me his usual post-absence cold shoulder, which was a nice surprise.

Now we are back to our usual routine, which still does not seem like much of a routine. The boys sure keep me busy (and tired)! Sammy has turned up the sass in the past few weeks, so there can definitely be stressful times in our house. It's all worth it, though. These are the times I will miss one day! I love these monkeys to pieces.

Thanks for checking in! Have a great week!

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Cecilia said...

Welcome back!

Glad you had a wonderful time in Denver!