Thursday, March 1, 2012

Breaking news!

Every morning is a struggle here in the Porta home. Getting Elijah to go potty and put on his pants and coat and boots...OHMYGOODNESS, it is entirely too much for that boy. This morning I was in the bathroom getting ready and Elijah said, "Mom, I go get dressed." Hmmm, ok. I didn't think much more of it. Then Sammy started knocking on their bedroom door because he HATES it when Elijah shuts him out of a room. I went to investigate and opened the door...

Do you know what I found??

Elijah had dressed himself! COMPLETELY! We didn't even know that he could put his own shirt on! He had put on: underpants, pants and two shirts. WHAT?! I danced like a crazy woman!

And then he went downstairs and put on his boots and coat and hat and mittens without complaint. Has something in the world shifted?! What is going on?

We rewarded this behavior, of course, and brought the boys to Culver's for dinner tonight. Elijah had received a Free Ice Cream token from school, so he had been looking forward to redeeming that. We are hoping the agreeable-dressing trend continues, or at least happens on occasion.

I am off to Denver tomorrow for a few days! I am feeling torn about the trip. I am excited, but I always hate leaving my boys. I know they will all take care of each other. It will be good for all of us! Perhaps you will see a post from them while I'm gone. :)

Thanks for checking in on our family!


jencooper said...

Way to go E!!! Woohoo! Here is hoping for more mornings like it!

Cecilia said...

Well done Elijah!

dxeechick said...

what a pleasant surprise! :))