Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Break comes to a close

Spring Break week has been mostly good! You know, aside from all of the potty issues. We were able to get out and do a few fun things this week. Elijah's favorite outing (by far) was going to the "Mall at the 'Merica." We rode on the rides and checked out the Sea Life exhibit. Elijah even rode on his first (small) roller coaster! He was VERY proud of himself, and I must say that I was pretty proud, too. It is indescribable to explain how happy it makes me to see Elijah enjoy himself so much on outings like that one (Sammy someday, too). I love that happy little face so much!

Sammy was very indifferent about the entire MOA experience. He has to FULLY absorb his surroundings before enjoying himself, so a place like The Mall is not the most comfortable place for him.

Dan and I have been feeling very tired and run down, so we are starting a healthier diet and schedule tomorrow. April will be our turn-around month! It is ridiculous how tired we always feel.

I won't say anything further on the potty issues. Things are the same there, and still quite frustrating.

We are excited to get Elijah back in school this week. Life is so much happier for all of us when he has that time with friends in the mornings.

The weather tomorrow is supposed to be phenomenal, so we are looking forward to enjoying that!

I will go over Elijah's OT report sometime in the next few days. It was interesting to read, and it has gotten my wheels turning. We are constantly being reminded lately what a special, awesome little boy he is! Sammy, too, of course! We love our boys!

Good night! More later!


mina said...

Happy Spring!

Looks like you guys had a great time!

jencooper said...

Love those boys! Such cutie pies! I am glad that you were able to get some together time.

Cecilia said...

Love all the pics!