Wednesday, April 4, 2012

OT eval

I wanted to write down a few details from Elijah's occupational therapy evaluation. He has already been to three OT sessions, and he is doing GREAT! His OT (who is wonderful!) has commented on what a "happy and cooperative" little boy he is. I invited her to come home with us for an evening! :)

One of the main focal points will be his fine motor skills. His hands and fingers are weak, which makes it difficult for him to do things like zip zippers and button pants.

The part that I found really interesting was Elijah's Sensory Profile, which is a "standard method for measuring a child's sensory processing abilities and profiles the effect of sensory processing on functional performance in the daily life of a child." I will list the areas that Elijah scored low in:

Vestibular Processing
Sensory Processing Related to Endurance/Tone
Behavioral Outcomes of Sensory Processing
Emotionally Reactive
Low Endurance/Tone
Sensory Sensitivity

All of that is spot on. I have to paste a little excerpt from the report because these very things are things I have been telling you all about for years (it somehow feels good to have professional validation):

"Elijah demonstrates a significant difference in the area of vestibular processing and is very gravitationally insecure. He became extremely anxious when his feet were lifted off the ground. He refused to tip his head back when off the ground. He demonstrates difficulty with modulation of sensory input related to body position and movement and this affects his emotional responses and is also affecting his motor skills negatively. He is sensory sensitive and often has an exaggerated response to some sensory input in the areas of vestibular, visual and oral sensory. Elijah moves stiffly, locks joints for stability and demonstrates core weakness which could also be impacted by deficits in sensory processing. Elijah hesitates navigating curbs or steps, avoids climbing and jumping and expresses fear of falling and fear of heights."

I think it is so interesting how every piece of development is capable of affecting another piece. Deficits in one area can affect many other things! Elijah was approved to receive OT, in addition to PT, once/week for the next year. We are extremely thankful that we have so many wonderful and smart people looking out for our boy.

I feel like it's only fair that I mention the GOOD things from the report, as well! Most of the areas he was tested in he did great at. All forms of processing (aside from vestibular) were well within the normal range, and his social and attention skills tested great, too. Considering his medical history, he is doing better than we ever could have expected. We are so proud of our boy, who now goes down the BIG SLIDE AT THE PARK all by himself and without any fear! Every little thing means so much. We appreciate every bit of progress, and every little thing.


jencooper said...

Thanks for sharing with us! I think that OT is going to make a big difference.

Cecilia said...

Elijah is in good hands and he'll be making good progress, no worries!