Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blab-blab-blabbing boys

I thought I had photos to share, but I do not. Sorry! It has been a crazy past few days. The boys have been pushing me to my limits! Elijah's behavior has been off the charts, and Sam now likes to do the back-arching and screaming thing any time we leave a fun place. Today was better, though. We got out of the house and I kept the boys active until bedtime.

Sammy's independence has reached new heights. He will not let us help him with ANYTHING. Not even things that he is physically unable to do, such as buckling himself into his car seat or zipping up his coat. If I try to help him with any task, major screaming occurs. And he suddenly has a dislike for socks and wearing his own shoes. My shoes are preferable. This boy has his own ideas!

I wrote down a few things over the course of today that Sammy says. Here are my favorites:

"Boom-bee" is "blueberry" (still his favorite food).
"Deet" is "grape" (his second favorite food and the only thing that keeps him from screaming in the grocery store).
"Beet" is "play-doh" (in his top three favorite activities, along with drawing and playing legos, aka "wee-bos").
"Boo-dair" is "blue chair." We have a blue chair in our living room that he likes to sit in, but now every chair is a blue chair. Any chair he wants to sit on is "boo-dair!"
"Bebe-up!" is "Give me my blankie!" "Bebe" means "blankie" and he loves his blankie more than anything in the world. It must be in the same room with him at all times, or he will start groaning, "BEBE?! BEBE?! BEBE UP?!"
"Eye-faaa" is "My eye itches." He has it in his mind that if something hurts, it has "fallen."
And the best of all.. "I-yo" is "I love you." He says this to all of us, and often. "I-yo, Mama!" "I-yo, uh-YA-YA!"

He loves to giggle a super high-pitched squeal when is really happy, and I love that squeal. Our little Sammy is such a blessing to our family.

Dan is still working hard at getting his AFF rating for skydiving. Say a prayer that he passes in the next few days! Thanks for checking in. The next post will involve photos, I promise!

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Cecilia said...

Sammy is such an independent little boy, amazing!