Monday, April 30, 2012

More Sammy words

I thought of some more Sammy words today..

"Doo-dah" is "step." I have no idea where this came from, but it's cute! "Bee doo-dah!" is "big step" and "Doo-dah book" is "I stepped on the book."

He is so polite, and always says "please" and "thank you," which sound more like "peace" and "eek-ah."

He is much like his brother in the way that he loves to make people laugh by using nonsense words. A few of his favorites are: "dee-dah-bo," "go-gee" and "vu-fuh." I love when I catch him making Elijah laugh with his silly words.

"Gar-gar" is anything that is too tough to say, such as "helicopter" or "garbage."

"Bah-boo" is "buckle." Buckles are on Sammy's list of Things I Must Do All By Myself Or I Will Scream.

The little boys and I had a good day today! We took a lot of trips to the park, which meant a lot of screaming-off-of-one's-head-and-flopping-around-like-a-slippery-fish when leaving the park. Tomorrow will be more of the same. Elijah has his 3-month follow-up with the opthamologist in the afternoon. Hopefully the weather will stay nice so we can spend some more time outside! Thanks for checking in!

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Cecilia said...

So cute and funny!