Monday, April 9, 2012

OT, PT and colored eggs

The boys had fun coloring Easter eggs this year, although we had a few casualties. Sammy did great with the wax coloring. He is a determined and focused boy.

Holidays are more enjoyable the older the boys get. I love seeing their happy faces!

Sammy thought it was funny to wear his cousin Veda's purse on his head. He can be quite the silly boy.

Elijah had his third OT session today and his OT already loves him to pieces. She started "working" his vestibular system, which I think is great. She gently encouraged him to ride on the tire swing today, and that is a huge accomplishment. He was uncomfortable, but pushed himself. Progress! She also worked with him on his finger/hand strength.

His OT and PT are putting together their summer schedules, so today his OT said, "Ooohhh how I hope I can work with him this summer. I love him!!"

E's PT told me tonight that she was encouraging him to run back and forth between two points. She told him, "Hurry! I'm going to count to ten!" Elijah frantically turned around and said to her, "NO! DON'T DO IT! NO COUNTING, VICKI!" Sooo....yeah....that would be our fault. We do counting at home a lot and IT WORKS. The kid hates it when we start counting. It is one of the only things (along with the Wii) that encourages him to accomplish tasks.

I need to post videos of Sammy because he is so incredibly cute lately. Sassy and cute, that is! He has a funny little personality. We love our Sammy! We love our boys!

Thanks for checking in! Have a great week!


jencooper said...

Sounds like progress!!

Thanks for sharing pictures of the cutie pies!!

Cecilia said...

Sammy and Elijah are both cute and adorable!