Saturday, March 16, 2013

Auntie-Elijah time and Sammy-Mom-Dad time!

In an effort to be more vigilant about updating this beloved blog of ours, here I am posting for the second time in two days! I have a few boy funnies to share, but first here are a few pics Auntie Lissa sent me tonight. Elijah has been enjoying the day with his Auntie and cousins since they were out of town for his birthday a few weeks ago. Lucky boy!

Play-Doh heaven! Look at that beautiful Emma and happy Elijah!

I hear that he has had a good day. We are excited to see him tomorrow! I think Sammy misses him more than any of us. We heard, "Where is E-I-juh??" all afternoon.

It's crazy how significantly different it is caring for two children as opposed to one! Dan and I spent a good portion of our day cleaning out our closet (Sammy helped!), which is something we have been wanting to do for months. It looks incredible! Next on our list? Storage closet!

Ok, boy funnies...

Every time I say, "Boys! What would you like for breakfast (or lunch or dinner)?" Sammy, without hesitating, says every single time, "CUPCAKES!" :)

Remember how I told you yesterday that Elijah was becoming acquainted with his "scary mask"? Well, this morning he asked me to go check his "mailbox," which is a lunchbox that he likes to pretend is his mailbox (he is the mailman, of course). I peeked in it and saw a few things, along with....THE MASK. I said, "Are you sending me the mask?" He said, "Oh, don't pay attention to that, Mom. The mask is being sent back to the company." I laughed hard, but he didn't seem to think it was funny.

Have a great night and thanks for checking in!

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