Sunday, March 24, 2013

Silly boys and a new church

Hello from the fluffy-haired Sammy! :)

We had a good weekend. We hosted a Salad Party in preparation for my next cookbook. It was a success! We enjoyed time with friends and ate LOTS of salad. We still have plenty in our fridge, so please come over tomorrow if you are hungry!

This photo is the story of our lives. I love my boys! (Lamby, too.)

Dan's and my excitement for the weekend is that we FINALLY feel like we found a church to call home. We have been "searching" for years in this arena. We have tried many different churches that have just not felt right for us.

A few weeks ago we revisited a church that we had been to before (2+ years ago) and that we didn't give much of a chance. This time around, we loved it! The children's program is AMAZING. Last week a few little girls swooped Elijah up and took him under their wings. This morning I barely stepped foot into the children's worship area before one of those little girls put her arm around Elijah and ushered him in. Dan's mom was standing with me (sooo glad she was with us today) and said, "Who was that?!" I said, "I have no idea. The little girls love him here." We watched a couple other girls hug him as he walked past. He is very cared for and loved! It is one of the many reasons we know it is our place to be.

Sammy still does not want to go to Sunday school, so he has been hanging out with Dan and me during worship. Which is fine. He does great. Eventually we would love to get him involved in children's worship, too. He is a reserved little guy, so we will continue to work on it but we won't push it. We are just happy to be in a wonderful place that suits our family well.

This week is our spring break, so hopefully we will find a few fun things to do with our boys. Thanks for checking in! Have a great week!

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