Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ear tube surgery, take 2

Elijah will be having the ear tube in his left ear checked/fixed this coming Monday. Yikes! I wasn't quite prepared for it to happen so soon, but it will be SO GOOD to have this situation taken care of. Dan and I are not looking forward to the inevitable vomiting post-sedation (neither is Elijah), but that is a minor hurdle.

Please pray for our boy! Pray for a quick, fixable solution. Pray for a good anesthesiologist. Pray for no vomiting and a settled tummy. Pray for peace for his little self, especially when putting the "scary" mask on his face which is his least favorite part of the hospital experience. When Dan and I told him about his upcoming surgery, he said, "But but but....THE SCARY MASK! And I'm going to throw up!" :(

Thank you! Have a great week.


jencooper said...

You got this Elijah!! You can be a rock star!

We will be praying for all of you!!

Renee said...

prayers for all

christine said...

Wishing you well tomorrow morning!

Cecilia said...

Thinking of you guys! Lots of love xoxo