Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Anticipating second grade

I have State Fair pics and some other fun bits to share, but I have a few dozen things ahead of those things on my to-do list. For now I'll write a quick post to say that we are all doing well! The little boys and I went to Elijah's second grade open house tonight. I cannot believe my big boy will be in second grade! It's surreal to consider our journey and it takes a lot of effort for me not to cry when I think about it. I think his teacher is going to be a really good fit. I was very happy with our interactions tonight. She is KIND, very warm, engaging and she made an effort to make Elijah feel important. She knew of his hearing difficulties, so she made a point to ask about seating and what would work best for him.

We are trying to be as proactive as possible, so Dan and I have a quick meeting with Mrs. G in the morning. I'd like to discuss Elijah's challenges in a nutshell and what helps/hurts. I'm hoping it will help him get through the first few weeks without any issues. His IEP meeting is scheduled for 9/10, so we'll get deep at that point! :)

Other than that, we are doing our best to get Elijah as much sleep as possible (some nights are better than others) and make him feel as safe as possible as we prepare for a new school year. We might spend a night at the dropzone this coming weekend, but we plan to lay low these next few days before school begins.

Thanks for checking in! I hope you're all having a great week!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Megan!!

I hope E has a great year in 2nd grade! I know that you've mentioned that he needs to feel safe in order to succeed.. Could maybe he and his teacher develop a "secret hand shake" that they do when he feels insecure? I am not sure if you pack his lunch daily but if you do, perhaps a short little note in his lunchbox to hopefully brighten his day. Not sure how helpful my suggestions are but I thought I would share them.

Maggie J.