Monday, August 18, 2014

Burning eyeballs

We must be super busy because I haven't had a free moment to sit down and write a post! My dad and stepmom were able to spend the entire day with the boys on Saturday while Dan and I worked. They had a blast together, playing, going to the park, getting hair cuts, getting new books at the book store and building Lego creations. We had to say good-bye yesterday morning as they headed back toward North Carolina. :( Both boys have been talking a lot about how much they miss Grammie and Gramps. It is always so sad to say good-bye.

I took pics at a wedding on Saturday and have been totally wiped out since. It is tough business! But sooo much fun, too. I love how every wedding is similar, yet so different. Each one has its own unique story and people and traditions and details. Despite the blisters on my feet and burning eyeballs, I love my job.

Elijah's kindergarten teacher came to the dropzone last week to make a skydive! She had a blast! It was so fun to see the big happy grin on her face when she landed. Jumping out of an airplane is such a unique experience and it is something that is impossible to describe in words. I always love seeing the so-THAT'S-what-it's-like look on people's faces when they land.

Dan has been working since Thursday and the boys and I have kind of just been scraping by these past couple days. I've been exhausted, so we are doing bits of laundry and cleaning, taking trips to the park and running errands. Dan has the next two days off, so I'm hoping for some catch-up!

We have been continuing to learn about how Elijah processes information as second grade draws near. In a way I'm afraid to start the year but at the same time I'm eager to just get going! In the next week or so I plan to write up a bulleted report for E's team. I want to explain NLD in a nutshell since not too many people seem familiar with it. I also want to write out Elijah's warning signs for being overwhelmed/confused and give suggestions about things that might help if he gets off track. The bottom line is that he needs to feel safe and acting out is his way of letting us know that. I have a few things I've been trying that seem to help distract him. I'm hoping we can give his teacher enough info before the year begins to be helpful!

E's follow-up appointment with Dr. L (ENT) went fine last week. He saw a bit of "granulation" in his ear, which is apparently just a bit of redness and fairly normal after ear surgery. We're doing ear drops for 2 weeks and a hearing test mid-Sept. The first Fraser appointment went great. Appointment #2 is Wednesday.

Thank you for peeking in and I hope you all have a great week!


christine said...

What is a Fraser Appointment?

The Portas said...

Hi Christine! We are having Elijah evaluated at Fraser, which is an organization that focuses on special needs and providing resources/therapy/help for individuals and families. It'll be a 4-week evaluation process and then they will provide suggestions about what services could benefit us.