Saturday, August 2, 2014

Back-up dancer Elijah!

Here is a super cute video of Elijah being another boy's back-up dancer at the Heart Camp Talent Show on Friday. :) I saw him walk out with the wig-hat-clocknecklace ensemble and smiled. That is our oldest boy for sure. I love it.

Elijah's talent was joke-telling and he did GREAT! We rehearsed his performance a few times beforehand and I wrote a note card out for him. I can't show you, though, because he decided to tell the jokes while lying on the ground (I'll be more clear next time). I held my camera way over my head to capture the scene, but part of my hand got in the way and I missed it. :( Sad.

Heart camp was awesome this year! I feel like Elijah got much more out of it (comparing to last year) and was way more excited about it. As Sammy and I watched the talent show, I realized that every single heart kid is so special in such an awesome and unique way. These kids are incredible and so spunky and have such personalities!

I want to say a quick "thank you" to the helpful and encouraging comments/emails we have received recently! Thank you to a handful of you who we've never even met, yet who we receive such great insight from. I LOVED the early-morning quiet time thoughts, Lauren! I think you're onto something there. And Maggie, getting the class schedule beforehand is a great suggestion. We'll definitely do this! Thank you!! We are ALWAYS open to new ideas. It's part of the reason I keep up with this blog.

I'm meeting a very old (well, SHE's not very old, but I've known her for a very long time...just to clarify!) friend for lunch on Monday. She has a son with special needs and also has worked in the sp-ed department at a nearby school for years. She has both perspectives, home and school, and has graciously offered to share insight with me. I feel so grateful!

The boys and I are spending a quick night at the dz and will head back home in the am for church and then laundry/packing at home. We will be heading out on Tuesday for an almost-week-long trip to Iowa to spend time with family. We are excited! PLEASE pray for Elijah to feel safe and secure and for good sleep and amazingly awesome behavior while we're away. Thanks for checking in! Have a great weekend!!

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Nashville Brown said...

I just stumbled across this while looking at random blogs. I found myself reading through your posts, and a tear or two in my eye, I realized there are more important things in life. I won't pretend I know much about living with a special needs child, but this blog puts me there and warms my heart.

Thank You