Monday, October 13, 2014

Croup: Season 5, Episode 1 (Samson)...AND a cardiology visit!

Our sweet Sammy was up at 9:00 last night with a barky cough and a teeny tiny fever. He and Dan sat in a steamy bathroom and then outside for a bit. It was fairly mild and improved enough to not consider medicine. Then I let him do the customary sleep-with-mama for a bit afterward. It's been a while since Sammy has slept with me. I'd forgotten that he likes to literally drape himself over my body and then fall asleep. Minimal sleep was occurring for the mama in the bed, so by midnight I put him back in his own bed. He did fine the rest of the night and just had a lingering runny nose and tiny cough today.

In other news, Dan brought Elijah to his 6-month cardiology check-up today. I had a bit of a nervous tummy about it (as always). Six months ago Dr. G had been surprised by how well Elijah's heart was doing, so I thought maybe this would be "the time" when we would hear "stuff" could be in the near future. I was wrong! His heart has mild stenosis (way milder than what he had expected), his valve has a tiny bit of leakage (very minimal) and heart function looks just great! We'll go back in six months! Again he told Dan that five years from surgery is a standard timeframe to expect the next surgery. That would be 2016 for Elijah, but hopefully in his case we will extend that a year or two! It always feels SO GOOD when Elijah is cleared for another six months! This is HUGE sigh of relief! And now we know that Elijah's overwhelmed exhaustion has nothing to do with his heart and everything to do with his brain.

Other than that, we are kind of doing bare minimum these days. On the days when we get Elijah to complete a sheet of homework or when I get a load of laundry folded AND put away I feel super accomplished. Dan and I are both working as much as possible while we can. This time of year provides opportunities for money for both of us, so we try to take advantage of that despite feeling like our family is being stretched in many directions. We have had a few weekend family days together lately, which has been SOOOo nice. But usually when one of us gets home, the other is leaving to go to work. I am definitely not complaining! We are so grateful to have work right now!!

I still haven't heard whether or not Dr. M #1 has connected with school. In the meantime, I've been PRAYING that Dr. M #2 will agree to write a note to shorten E's school days asap. Today I spoke with an advocate from PACER center and while she had a few good pointers for us for when we attend meetings, we are already doing everything she suggested. I'm excited to get E's days shortened because then we can actually work on lessening some of his anxieties. I want to get him swimming and playing a musical instrument. Both of these things I know would be VERY calming for him, but at the present time we cannot fit either into our schedule. Dan and I have something else in the works that we're hoping will pan out and that will help him immensely. I'll wait until we are 100% committed and then share!

Soon I will share photos from our yearly corn maze adventure! This past weekend I took the boys to Pumpkins in the Park, hosted by our city's schools. It was fun! The weather was gorgeous and the boys got candy and pumpkins and a few other treats. Tomorrow E gets to wear pajamas to school (a special class treat!) and then he has the rest of the week off. We have a few other doctor's appointments coming up this week and next, too. I hope this post made sense! I'm tired! Have a good night!

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