Sunday, October 19, 2014

"Way too much" kisses

We are alive! (I think.) Dan and the boys had a relaxing couple of days at home during MEA break last week. Elijah has been slooooowly returning to baseline, although, it seems impossible, but....he still isn't there. It takes him so long to recalibrate. We still do not have clearance for partial days, so we'll continue to do our best to help him feel as good as possible. He has doctor's appointments tomorrow and Thursday, so he'll need to leave school early those days. A random medical issue came up last week with E. It's minor, but he'll need to have a procedure in November to help his body work a little bit better. 

Dan worked all weekend, so the boys and I had a few days together. It was nice. Lots of quality time, snuggles, playing, smooching, hugging. Times a thousand. Yesterday Sammy put a kissing ban on me because I was kissing him "way too much." He told me, "You can only have one more kiss today and maybe two tomorrow." I sneaked in WAY more than that.

During the week for the past few weeks I've only gotten to see the boys for maybe an hour/day, so I REFUSE to let them out of my sight on the weekends. I brought them with me on an adventurous photo shoot today. We ended up hiking through the hills of Red Wing to get to our couple. They immediately began harnessing me up to go rock climbing....with my camera. As I was scaling the rock wall (barely), Elijah and Sammy were cheering me on from the ground. "Be careful, Mom!" "You can go higher!" "Don't fall!" Ok, so I didn't actually go very high, but it was quite an adventure taking pictures of a rock-climbing couple while suspended by a rope.

I still owe fun pics and funnies. Soon! Bear with me!


christine said...

You are such a cute Mom! I bet the boys LOVED watching you climb. I ate lots of pip and ebby food this weekend. My mom follows that blog too, and she brought blueberry zucchini bread to share. So there was that, the potato rounds, caramel butter heart attack bars, and chocolate chip ganache cookies minus the ganache....

The Portas said...

Christine, your "caramel butter heart attack bars" description is SO accurate and gave me a good laugh. SOOoo glad you enjoyed all of the food!!!