Saturday, November 22, 2014

Uniquely awesome day

I'm going to try to be so much better about writing down the things that make me laugh. On our way home from our friends' baby shower tonight, the boys were playing on our phones in the car. Sammy was apparently trying to purchase a new app, so when the little box popped up to enter my iTunes password he said in total seriousness, "Mommy? How do you spell 'I really want this game a lot'?" He was totally ready to type it in. :)

Today was very strange in a good yet tiring way. We started the day off with a Hope Kids event at the Mall of America. Hope Kids is an incredible organization that provides opportunities and events for a select number of kids who have life-threatening health conditions and their families. This event was awesome. It was held at an arcade inside the MOA, so the kids were able to play endless games and also make crafts, decorate cookies and get their photos taken with Santa. Sammy was particularly excited about seeing Santa for the first time and made a point to say to him, "Look at my monster shirt!" The boys had a blast and we even ran into their cousins, who are a part of Hope Kids, as well. We also saw a kindergarten teacher from Elijah's school who was volunteering for the event! I recognized her, but had never talked to her before. Just like the other kindergarten teachers at his school who we love so dearly, she is awesome! We let the boys ride on a few rides at Nickelodeon Universe and on our way to the car I ran into an old coworker who I hadn't seen in years!

After a family "nap" in our cozy, pillow-filled bed, we headed out again to the north side of the Cities for a baby shower. Two of our skydiving friends are expecting their first baby and are back from Florida for a few days, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to see them. It was such a fun treat to spend time with them, as well as the rest of our skydiving family. Elijah and Sammy (and us, too!) were EXHAUSTED at the end of it all, but it was such a unique day filled with different kinds of fun and people from different parts of our lives.

And that is all! I'm off to work for a bit and then snuggle with my hubby!

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christine said...

I just want to say LIKE. But this isn't facebook. Sounds like a fun day, and I of course am enjoying two posts in two days. What sweet boys!