Sunday, January 4, 2015

The funniest little Sammy

The sleeplessness and verbal/physical lashings continued today. I'm debating about whether or not to keep Elijah home from school for a few days and will certainly lose (more) sleep over that decision tonight. In the meantime, I jotted down a few more Sammy-isms to share. This boy is a riot!

He often approaches the rest of us and says in a super-cute and soft little voice: "I'm really sorry for the bad news I have to tell you.." This is usually followed by something like, "I just spilled water on the floor," or "I accidentally stepped on your Lego guy."

This boy loves junk food. He despises meals or anything at all that is good for his body and refuses to eat most foods. But when it comes to chips or candy, his tummy can stretch forever. I am constantly telling him that he cannot eat snacks because I want him to save room for whatever meal is next. He whines and complains about this endlessly. I tell him, "Sammy, if I let you eat candy and chips whenever you wanted, that would make me a bad mommy!" His reply: "Then I want you to be a bad mommy!" :)

Today he told me, "Either I get tons of technology or tons of snacks. Nothing else. Which one is it?" Nice try, kid.

He was being super sassy the other day when I told him he could not watch tv. He did his usual whining performance, so I left the room. I heard him say, "I never want you to talk to me ever again!" Then he opened our front door and said, "I'm going to let ALL of the cold heat inside!" :) Two minutes later, he was by my side saying, "Look at my Lego guy, Mom!" I said, "Oh, whoops, I'm not supposed to talk to you ever again, remember?" He sat on the couch for ten minutes whimpering and sucking his thumb. When I went to give him a hug, he said, "You're the NICEST mommy ever." Uh huh. I didn't realize he had actually left the front door open, so when we went downstairs twenty minutes later our downstairs felt like a freezer.

As I was cleaning up in the kitchen today, Sammy kept running in and hugging me. "Mommy! You're my finish line!" he told me. Awwww. He better not ever use that line on girls. :)

As of tomorrow, our Christmas break is officially over. :( We took down the tree and decorations today and Sammy was particularly sad about that. He had a pouty lip and every once in a while came over to me and gave me a whimpery hug. We talked a lot about how there are so many other things to look forward to during other parts of the year. It is sad to say goodbye to the Christmas season. Back to the grind tomorrow!

Elijah reeeeaaalllllly wants to go to school tomorrow, so I am praying for the most restful, restorative night EVER. Thanks for checking in. Have a wonderful week!

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Dogstars said...

MAybe you should try something CRAZY for Elijah's sleep. Like get him a hammock or something. Not a tippy american hammock with a spreader bar but like the ones EVERYONE sleeps in, in South America, MExico and such. I read it can be good for insomnia. I have a teenager that wants one at the moment. Should we try it?