Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Where's the tape?

Against my better judgment, we decided to send Elijah to school today. It was not in his best interest. He is still so far above boiling point. I have felt totally defeated and sad all day because I know that unless we pull him out of school for an extended period to catch up, this is going to be his norm for the remainder of second grade. He had some issues while at school and after school he was just a complete mess. His eyes were burning and itchy, the name-calling and blurt-outs were in full force and he was having a difficult time being nice to any of us. Honestly, I'm tired of worrying and thinking about it. I just want my boy to feel good.

I have more Sammy funnies!

Sammy and I spent a day alone together and it was WONDERFUL! We basically played and snuggled ALL day. This boy loves snuggling and he loves his mama. I love him so much back. He was curled up in my arms for a long time before lunch and when I suggested that we go eat, he said, "Ok, but...let's get back to snuggling after the break." :)

Sam has been obsessed with tape and cutting up pieces of paper lately. He uses his little safety scissors to cut dozens and dozens of paper squares all over our house. When I talk about throwing them away, he says, "NOOOOOOOO! They are our paper sandwiches!" He also likes to OVER-tape everything. The other day he taped our Christmas decoration box completely shut. It was an ordeal getting it all off! Then he taped Elijah's beloved Trouble game box that he got for Christmas closed and Elijah could not get it off. I often find pieces of paper such as the following hanging on various walls in our home..

He can often be heard saying, "WHERE'S THE TAPE?" He also likes to make tape art on paper or roll paper up and tape it together. The taping and scissoring is out of control!

He likes to change words around just enough so that they are noticeable and silly. He'll say:
"Mommy, have you heard of a dessert called chocolate ike cread?"
"Have you heard of the word probalbee?"
"Do you know a guy named Mide?"

My sweet little guy has been telling me a lot lately that he doesn't want to grow up. He doesn't want anything to change because he loves things just how they are (when he's not trying to run away from home). The other day he said to me, "Mommy, I don't ever want anything bad to happen to anyone I love." As a four-year-old I think that is super thoughtful, although I don't want him worrying about such things yet! He told me that he never wants to get rid of ANY of his toys. "When I'm a daddy, I want to have ALL of my toys. Don't EVER get rid of them!"

By the way, Sammy has recently told me that he wants to have four boys someday. Elijah upped that and said he wanted to have SIX boys. Yikes!

Instead of saying, "I'm four!" when asked how old he is, Sam now answers with, "I'm two plus two!" Sometimes he'll answer with three plus one or one plus three.

After spending the last few days with my youngest sweetie, I have so many of his funnies to share! I know there are more I can't remember right now. More later!

Thanks for checking in and please, if it is on your heart, PLEASE pray for Elijah and for his brain to settle down and for us to make decisions in the next few weeks that are in his best interest. Thank you!


Julie Hansen said...

So cute Megan! :) -- Sammy stories, prayers and thoughts w you & family :)

Anonymous said...

Megan, we are praying for you guys. If you ever do need a night driver, I could do it sometime...I am a night owl and could drive E. around for a while. God bless you guys with His grace and peace...for you two and E. Lots of love, Teresa Brubaker