Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Hello to third grade and kindergarten!

I figured out today that this is Elijah's seventh year of school. That is crazy! I remember putting him on a bus on his third birthday and feeling like my limbs had all just been chopped off as it drove away from me. He was sooo little, could barely say his name and was totally dependent on other people. Now he seems like such a big boy and so seasoned when it comes to school. The boy I worried most about today was my little Sammy. Time moved soooo slowly today. I could hardly stand being apart from him and wanted him here with me so badly.

But I just knew he was enjoying his day. I could feel it in my heart and was so happy about that thought. His teacher sent me an email toward the end of the day saying what a great day he had. Yay!

According to Elijah, he felt he had a great day, as well!

Super LOVE this pic...

I NEVER thought it would be so difficult to put my sweet little kindergartener and his bro onto a BIG bus and trust other people to take care of them outside of the school building. Before we left home today, I talked to the boys about the kissing hand and laid a big smooch into the palms of their hands. I told them that if they ever felt sad or lonely throughout the day, to place their smooched-on hands to their cheeks. Then..while at the bus stop, Sammy reached for my hand and kissed it. "Mommy? This is MY kissing hand smooch. If YOU feel lonely today, put your hand to your cheek." Such a sweet, thoughtful boy.

Elijah has a few medical appointments this week, but otherwise not much else is going on. Thanks for peeking in on our cuties! xo

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