Friday, September 25, 2015

Successful surgery!

Surgery went great! It was successful and actually quite painless. Elijah was SO brave about the two things he is typically anxious about: the mask and the tape. We talked to him a lot about the mask beforehand and let him choose between needle (IV) or mask. He agreed that the mask was the best option of the two. Dan went back to the OR with him and said that he had the best going-to-sleep experience yet. Normally he fights it and needs to be held down, but was much calmer this time. He also usually becomes very upset when we take the tape off his arm that is holding his IV in place. Apparently some genius invented a painless tape (WHY wasn't this invented 10 years ago?), so Elijah didn't flinch a bit when the tape came off!

Despite all of that good news, he actually was quite anxious before surgery this morning. MUCH more anxious than he ever has been before. He expressed worry so many times. He even said things like, "THEY'RE GONNA KILL ME!" and "I'M NEVER GONNA LEAVE THIS PLACE!" We did a lot of distracting with toys and playing and a service dog even stopped into snuggle with him.

Starting to get a little loopy from the Versed.. :)

Immediately upon waking up, Elijah lifted up his left arm and saw that an IV had been placed after he was sedated. He loudly said, "WHAT?!?!?!?!" We all laughed. He sure was disappointed to see that thing in his arm!

After surgery he was NOT feeling well at all. He kept feeling like he was going to throw up and was just seeming uncomfortable. Dan left to get Sammy off the bus and Elijah immediately fell asleep and HARD. If he wouldn't have been hooked up to the monitor I would have worried that he wasn't breathing. That boy slept harder than I think I've ever seen him sleep. An hour and a half later I woke him up so we could go home. He literally could barely talk or walk! I pushed him in a wheelchair to the bathroom and he was able to go without screaming (unlike last time). Yay!

We had a short evening together at home and then Elijah ASKED for bed. He started crawling into bed without his pajamas and actually got mad because bedtime was taking tooooo looooonnggggg! He had some more nausea before bed, but totally crashed again and has been sleeping like a rock.

We have some daily obligations to perform for the next six months to ensure this surgery is a complete success. Please pray for that, as I don't know it is going to be a super comfortable thing for our boy. Hopefully it won't be too big of a deal.

I missed Sammy extra today! I told him that and he asked me to come sit on the blue chair with him. As I snuggled him tightly, he said, "Mommy? You know why I asked you to snuggle? Because I heard you say that you missed me and I wanted to make you feel good." I love that boy. I love both of my boys! Super proud of both of those cuties!

I am tired and I apologize, but I'm not going to re-read through the post and make corrections tonight! Dan is leaving for a work trip in the morning, so relaxation calls! Thanks for the prayers and we would so appreciate continued prayers for minimal pain and for this ordeal to be successful. Thank you!

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