Friday, September 25, 2015

Surgery today and a few funnies!

I promised corn maze pics, but that'll have to wait! I meant to write a post last night, but slipped away. Elijah's urologist feels comfortable going forward with surgery today even though he is being treated for a UTI. Sammy is off to school and we are just chillin' and mentally preparing for a trip to the hospital. It should be in and out with only a few hours spent there, assuming everything goes as planned. Prayers are appreciated!

We have had a good week! Yesterday brought some behavior that we hadn't seen in a while (home and school both), but I'm attributing it to surgery nerves, the UTI meds (his body NEVER does well with these) and having a substitute para at school.

I have a few funnies to share that I've written down recently. Forgive me if I repeat any of these. There can never be too many funnies, right?

Sammy: Elijah, I want you to plummet!
Me: Sammy! Do you know what the word "plummet" means?
S: Yep! To fall fast!
(this boy is smart!)

As I was coming toward Elijah to hug him, he yelled, "Aaaghhhhhh! A lady who wants to kiss me!"

Waking up one morning, Sammy said, "Ohhhh it feels so ouch in the morning."

I walked down the stairs and heard Elijah say, "There's the little lady carrying a box of snuggles!"

Sammy heard music playing somewhere and asked, "Is George Washington making that music?"

Elijah: Mommy, you are a REALLY good cook. Except...I don't like most of the food you make. But your desserts are good! Yeah, you make REALLY good desserts. Fantastic desserts.

Elijah (after walking a lot through the corn maze): MOM! Me feet are bloply and tired!
Me: What does "bloply" mean?

After coming out of the bathroom, Sammy announced to us, "Ladies and Gentlemen! I.....HAVE ARRIVED!"

Sammy's super sweet bedtime prayer that is so perfect: Dear Jesus, thank you for this day. Thank you for Sammy, Elijah, Mommy and Daddy. Thank you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thank you for LIFE. Amen.

Me: Ugh, my eyes hurt.
E: Why?!
Me: Oh, because I'm a tired mama!
E: I...I really don't have a response for that, interesting red-eyed woman.

The other night Elijah picked up one of my tank tops from a pile of laundry and asked, "Mom, is this one of your boobie packs?"

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