Monday, February 6, 2012

Croup: Season 4, Round 6 (Elijah)

Elijah had two bad croup episodes in the middle of the night last night. We had to use two epi nebs (six hours apart) and give one dose of oral steroids. They were a little bit scarier than his past few episodes, but everything turned out just fine. He even had a little throw-up session, which is unusual for him. The doctor we saw today wants us to continue with the oral steroids twice/day for three days. Today he was back to dishing out the sass!

Speaking of sass, here are few gems from the past few days. Elijah is getting WAY too clever..

He has started pointing his finger at Dan and me when he's in sassy mode. I always let him know that it is never ok to point fingers like that at people. So what has he started doing? Pointing his thumb at us, of course!

He has also been heard saying "Be quiet!" to us, which does not fly, either. So what does he now say instead? He says, "Mom, you be..." and then he puts his finger to his lips and says, "Ssshhhh!"

That's Elijah! Always thinking of innovative ways to break the rules without actually breaking the rules.


jencooper said...

I love Elijah!

Cecilia said...

Your little man is so brainy!!!

Kathy said...

That little guy has always been too smart~

I just adore his little sassy self!!