Thursday, February 23, 2012

Good words bad words

Sammy is napping, Elijah is having quiet-time with a computer game and Dan is at work, so I am going to write some things down quick! Gotta make the most of my "free" time with a house full of boys!

I cannot BELIEVE Elijah's memory. Lately he has said a few things that make me scratch my head. The craziest one was from the other night while the boys were taking a bath. Elijah was pretending like he was swimming and I said to Dan, "We should get him back in swim lessons." Elijah said, "Oh. With Cindy?" I wondered who the heck Cindy was, and then was distracted by Sammy peeing on the floor. A little while later, it occurred to me. Cindy was the name of Elijah's swim therapist BACK WHEN HE WAS STILL TWO YEARS OLD. I'm not kidding. He only went to four sessions since it was such a traumatic experience, and we have not mentioned her name since. I looked up the posts about it on this blog just to be sure, and I looked up her name on their website. Sure enough, he remembered that detail from way back then! I asked him if he remembered anything else about swim therapy, and he said, "I remember you standing by the side of the pool and watching me. It was a wittle bit scary." Wow. Dan and I are in serious trouble. Someday he will be reminiscing about how his mama lost her cool EVERY SINGLE DAY. Great!

Sammy Jammy is in a language explosion right now! He is saying so many new things. He says "chase" (dees) when he wants to play the chasing game with Elijah through the house. He says "fall" (faa) when he wants to play Ring Around the Rosie with Mama. His newest and cutest word is NO. It sounds so darn cute coming out of his mouth. Ask me what I think of it in a week and I may have a different opinion!

Sam is already WALKING up and down our stairs (holding onto the wall for help). Elijah just started doing this a few months ago! Sam's progress in some areas makes our heads spin. We were so used to Elijah doing everything in Elijah Time. Here's a fun fact: When Elijah was 20 months old (Sammy's current age), he was just starting to crawl!

The "bad" words continue to spew out of our oldest boy's mouth. It's a never-ending battle. If it's not one word, it's another. His latest trick is saying under his breath, "Shush, Mom." UGH, this makes me crazy mad! "Dangit" and "cr*p" are still choice words, as well. For a while, when we would ask him to do something, he would say, "Neh-vah!" Or he would point his finger to his lips as if to say, "Sshh," but not let a single sound come out. Or instead of pointing his finger at me, he will point a pinky or thumb my way. Clever! He's always thinking of new ways to bend those rules! He also does what I call word-testing. He will rattle out a bunch of nonsense sounds until he gets a reaction from us. A-ha! That must be a bad one! Then he will repeat that string of sounds. We have stopped reacting, though, so he's having a tougher time. The other day one of us must have had a slight reaction to something he said that rhymes with "bucket" (I know, lovely, right?), so he has been saying it on occasion when he's playing and reciting his nonsense words. Every single time, he will look up at us to see if we react. It is HARD not to react to that one! I'm hoping it goes away if we continue to act like it's not a big deal.

Sammy is still sick. The poor kid has some sort of cold or cough or runny nose for months (it seems). We are hoping for a reprieve for his little body!

We have a fun hotel-waterpark night coming up, so we are all getting excited!! Thanks for checking in. Have a great weekend.


Sarah said...

Hope you guys have a wonderful time at the waterpark!
Seriously... I know there are posts on Evan's blog about his crazy memory. One was looking at a pic when he was 2 and saying - oh I was at Mamaw's and had a fever that night and we watched The Wizard of Oz. What... wait... oh you were. How did you remember that??? Again... Evan and Elijah.

Cecilia said...

Elijah must have a photographic memory, cool!

Have fun at the waterpark!

jencooper said...

I.Love.Him. He is a crack up!