Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Potty time

Our sweet little Sammy has been sick again. It started out as a fever, then moved onto goopy snot and now has become a cough. I don't like it when my babies are sick!

Sam and Elijah spent the night with their auntie, uncle and cousin last weekend and had a blast! Elijah has asked me five thousand times when he can go back to Auntie Lissa's house. It's a fun place!

I am starting to think that we are perhaps the most frustrated parents on the planet, as we continue to try so hard to get our almost-five-year-old potty trained. Elijah turns FIVE next week, and he still continues to win the potty battle. Honestly, we have tried everything. Praises, rewards, giving him more control, trying to have total control ourselves. Nothing works! He knows how to go, and he does use the potty, but not consistently. Just yesterday I found him with a TOTALLY wet pair of underpants as if we were just starting this whole process. It is so terribly frustrating! But here is what we know about Mr. Elijah. He has one heck of a strong will, and he does EVERYTHING in his own time. I did some internet perusing and I am glad to know we are not the only ones, but it is still very very very frustrating.

Sammy is such a little man these days. He has been showing signs of potty-training readiness, so we will begin that process soon. I told Dan last summer that he would be trained before Elijah, and now it's looking like that could happen! Crazy!

I will end on a funny note! Elijah has always loved silly nonsense words, and he comes up with the most clever things to say. I wrote down a few of his silly words over the past week or so:

His nose was bothering him, so he rubbed it and said, "MOM! My nose is snopply!"

He got the back of his leg pinched on his potty chair, and said, "My leg got twinkled!"

He was having a hard time getting a page in a book to turn, so he said, "My page is tuuuurging!"


Cecilia said...

Your two little men are just cute and clever!

The Smith's said...

Megan, I'm sure you've tried this, but when we had trouble with Luke resisting going #2 on the potty, we gave up the battle and let him put a Pull-Up on himself (or bring us one) to go. It's a little easier to clean up and we felt like it gave him some control, but also continued training him to take action when he felt the urge to go. I so know how frustrating that stage is!!!lauter

jencooper said...

Love him! He cracks me up!

I hope he decides to be consistent for you very soon!!