Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Porta winter getaway Year #3

The boys and I took our winter vacation, which took place 10 miles down the road from our home. This is our 3rd annual trip there, and we always have a blast. The first thing we always do when we get into our hotel room is...JUMP ON THE BED (against Daddy's wishes)!!

What? Leaving Mama so soon?!

We did have some disappointment upon checking in. The waterpark was to be closed for most of the time that we would be there. :( Elijah had been talking about his "water factory" for weeks and weeks, so Dan and I felt terrible. 

Thankfully we found this out while the waterpark was still open, so we threw our suits on and ran down to the water to spend a few hours there.

Sammy still does not like it! :( This was what he looked like for most of the time. "Mama, it's ferry (scary)!" Isn't his scared face so stinkin' cute?

Dan and I were proud, though, because he eventually came around. He even went down the little water slide a few times all by himself! Progress!

He was happy to take a picture with Mama on the sidelines!

As usual, Elijah ran around the place like he was born and lived there. He absolutely and totally loves this place. Dan and I took turns running around with him, tubing on the Lazy River, playing on the slides and in his "factory" and splashing in the pools.

Thankfully, we improvised well with the news that this was our only time at the waterpark. The Mall of America is two blocks from the hotel we were staying at and we happened to have a handful of Nickelodeon Universe points. Perfect!

But first, we took our annual post-waterpark bath. Sammy got into the bath willingly this year! Last year he watched from the sidelines.

Handsome boys.

In the bath realm, we have made worlds of progress with Sammy. Hopefully by next year he will be running into the waterpark excitedly! 

We ended bath time with a brother smooch!

Nickelodeon Universe was tons of fun! One of our first rides was the carousel. 

We took a family ride on the ferris wheel! (Look at that happy Elijah face.)

Sammy (as of one hour ago) said this was the highlight of his trip. "Sammy, what was your favorite part of our trip?" "Riding on the ferris wheel with MAMA!" :) He would not sit by anyone but me on the ferris wheel.

Elijah loved bouncing in the giant pineapple. He loved it so much that we went back two or three times so he could jump again. Except, every time we went back it was closed. Sammy was very worried about this (he himself wanted nothing to do with the pineapple). "Elijah's pineapple is closed! Oh no!"

Another thing I will always remember from this trip is Sammy's quoting of movie lines from the Willy Wonka movies. Every morning he woke up saying to the rest of us: "Good morning, Starshine! The world says 'hello!'"

He would also occasionally hold up his cute little palm to us and say, "No no no! This is nothing dangerous!" He is filled with wit and he loves to make his family laugh.

In between waiting for "big" rides, we rode little rides..

Including, ahem, Mama.

We had a memorable and fun lunch at Johnny Rockets.

Shakes, fries and all!

I would say the boys had a pretty amazing adventure.

They were both beyond exhausted when we got home today.

As always, we are extremely grateful for the memories.

Have a great week!


jencooper said...

Bummer on no waterpark. The Cooper kids would have been devastated! What a great way to improvise and still have a wonderful time!!

Wendy said...

Hi Megan!

Oh my word, those little boys of yours are sure growing up! They are just precious!!! I loved seeing all of the photos you took and knowing you all had such a great time on your little vacation! Those are memories you will treasure forever....they grow up so fast.

Can't get over how much Sammy looks like Elijah when he was little! Two handsome little men! I love it!

Take care and please know that while my notes are few and far between, you are all always in my thoughts and prayers!

Give those cuties a big hug from us!

Lots of Love,

Wendy (& Emma, too!)

Cecilia said...

Oh looks like you guys had a great time! Love all the beautiful photos!!!