Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I'm sorry for not posting here as much as I typically do. You will forgive me when I tell you why. Except, I cannot tell you yet. :)

I have been jotting down some things the boys have been doing, so I figured I would share them quick! I will not talk about frustrations regarding behaviors that are possibly occurring in our home. No dwelling on that at the moment. For now, fun things!

Each of us "has" a color. Elijah's favorite color has always been blue, and Sammy's has always been green. Most board games come with blue, green, red and yellow colored pieces. Somewhere along the line, I got handed a red game piece and Dan got handed a yellow one. So now those are our colors. And now Sammy has taken this color thing to a new level! When he eats the colored Goldfish crackers, he eats the green ones first and then gathers all of the red ones and insists that I eat them from his little fingers. I am tired of Goldfish!

Lately when Sammy doesn't want to go to bed, he will say, "I don't want to take a bed!" Elijah thinks this is hilarious.

The boys like it when I wrap their blankies over their shoulders and secure them in the front with a chip clip. They call themselves kings. Last night I heard Sammy say, "I'm King Sammy! That is Knight Elijah and you are Bishop Mommy!" :)

Thanks to Veruca Salt in the Willy Wonka movies, Elijah now occasionally speaks with a British accent. "Thaaht sounds waaayyyd!" Translation: "That sounds weird!" And of course, now Sammy is doing it, too. He thinks his big brother is the coolest thing in the world!

I must wrap up my coffee shop time for today and head back out into the freezing cold. Time to go home and snuggle with my monkeys! Thanks for checking in. More another time!


jencooper said...

Okay...I am intrigued...I can't wait to hear about what has been keeping you away from blogging...

Love hearing stories about those boys!

Cecilia said...

Your boys are so cute, hope to meet with you guys in person one day.