Thursday, January 3, 2013

Recuperating from the holidays

We are trying to get back into a routine this week after the busy-ness of the holidays. Elijah is back in OT/PT and school and has been complaining about both, which is very unlike him. We are taking a small "vacation" (10 miles from home) Sunday and Monday, so after that we will be 100% back in the routine of life!

A month or two ago Dan and I decided to make a few changes for the better for our family. Due to his heavy workload in the spring/summer/fall, we rarely get evening time together as a family. So we decided to implement family dinners during the winter, and whenever else it is possible. It is has been wonderful! We all sit at one table and eat together and pray together and talk to each other without electronics or toys or distractions. It is also a good opportunity to introduce the boys to new foods, as we had grown accustomed to feeding them their own meals while we ate separately out of convenience.

We also decided to take one day out of every week when none of use technology. We call it No Technology Tuesday. No tv, no playing on phones, no computers (unless work for Mom or Dad is necessary). The boys do just fine with it. It has been a positive part of our lives. We did make exceptions for Christmas and New Years since they both fell on Tuesdays. Again, back to routine!

Our boys are keeping us on our toes these days. There is never a dull moment. Today as Sammy ran circles around my chair with a plastic bin over his head yelling, "I AM NOT A COW!" and as Elijah draped himself over my lap telling me repeatedly, "PLEASE TICKLE ME NOW!" I fought off frustration and had the thought, "Someday I will miss this! Enjoy it!" So I did.

I will have to start writing down some more boy funnies. They happen constantly. More later. Thanks for checking in!

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