Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The tooth fairy visits again

Sam is not typically one to do things when asked. "Smile, Sammy!" Yeah right, Mom.

Elijah lost his second tooth! (He told me he couldn't smile or you wouldn't be able to see his missing tooth.)

He got another DOLLAR from the Tooth Fairy! She is so generous!

I think the high tomorrow is supposed to be 3 degrees. Yikes! We have been hanging out in our warm house as much as possible. In between Daddy Camel rides, Sammy has been saying some pretty cute words:

Tum-tato (potato)
Termit (Kermit)
Fizza (pizza)
Fooky (spooky)
Fider (spider)

By the way, can you tell that ALL THREE of my boys got hair cuts? Dan's beard is even gone! Yay!

Last weekend while Dan was out of town, the little boys and I had a little incident at the mall that traumatized us a bit. We were going to get on the escalator going up, so I picked Elijah up to set him down on it (he's terrified of escalators) when he lost his balance. I tried to steady him when realized I had stepped on the escalator...without Sammy! Oh no! I turned to run down and get him when Elijah came falling down face-first behind me. I will never forget looking down and seeing Sammy standing at the bottom, distance growing between us, his face sadder than I have ever seen before. "MommmmmmyyyYYYYYYY!" But I couldn't leave Elijah because I was trying to assess the damage (only a scrape on the back of his arm, thank goodness). Thankfully at that moment a security guard was walking by and swooped Sammy up and carried him up to me. We all made it to the top safely and it took us about 5 minutes to calm down (mostly me). It could have been so much worse, so I have been trying to focus on that.

The rest of our week has been pretty uneventful compared to that! Not much else is going on right now.

I hope you are all staying warm! Thanks for reading!!


Cecilia said...

Glad to know Elijah is alright!

jencooper said...


I am glad that everyone survived! :)