Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sammy funnies and another missing tooth

Elijah lost his third tooth! We are pretty sure he yanked it out, as he did the other two. He sure loves his letters from the Tooth Fairy! :) He left her a letter under his pillow tonight that said, "Dear Tooth Fairy, I lost my third tooth. Get Ready. Love, Elijah" I'm sure she is "getting ready" as we speak.

This is going to be a quick update, but I want to type out some Sam super-funnies from lately.

I was chatting with Sam on the phone a few mornings ago on my way home and I said, "Sammy, are you having a good morning with Daddy?" He said, "No, I'm just pickin' my nose right now."

Sam got a bloody lip the other day in the bathroom. :( He's still such a cutie, isn't he though?

More funnies:

Dan was walking down the stairs, so Sammy turned to me and said, "Here comes the BIG GUY!"

His arm was asleep after a nap one afternoon this week. He kept describing it as being "farkly" (sparkly).

He is such a huge eye itcher. The other day after itching his eyes vigorously, he looked at me and said, "There. Now mine eyes are fresh."

That's all for now! Elijah has a cardiology appointment on Tuesday, so I will write a post after that.


Cecilia said...

Elijah and Sammy have beautiful big eyes!

Randy Farmer said...

I got shocked with Elijah’s note to the Tooth Fairy. It sounded like they’re going to have a business deal that night. Haha! Anyway, both him and Sam really look cute on those pictures!

Randy Farmer