Thursday, April 18, 2013

Toothless in the snow

Doesn't he look adorable with his two front teeth missing?

Sammy is adorable, too, sword sticking out of mouth and all.

Today was just depressing! The temperature and wind chill outside felt like it was the beginning of January. It sleeted and snowed and we have a fresh layer of white on the ground. We are supposed to get MORE snow tonight! And Saturday! I wonder how many Minnesotans are depressed after this winter.

Other than THAT, we had a pretty normal day! Ha! We recently joined a gym, so we have been going there as often as possible. When Dan and I don't have to work in the mornings, we bring Sammy to the gym with us while E is at school. There is an awesome daycare area with kid-friendly activities. This is good for all of us! Dan and I can squeeze in a workout and Sammy can get used to being around other people in a safe environment. He is slowly getting more comfortable!

That's all for now! Thanks for checking in! I had best get back to saying curse words to the snow under my breath. :)

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